Live Loud, Live Wild

Late one night, I came across Jacqui’s Baby Boy Bakery Instagram. It was a post about her son, 3-year old Ryan Cruz, who tragically died five months ago. Ever since following her Instagram, I’ve been given glimpses into the life of a grieving father and mother.

Death and grief are not unknown strangers to me. My dad pastors a congregation that comprises mainly of old people. Growing up, I hated hearing about deaths. You would think I’m used to wake services and funerals after attending dozens of them. No, death is something impossible to be immune to.

After coming to the US, I thought I had escape news of death (Yes, people in my church have died since i came here, but distance created an emotional detachment). I was so wrong. In fact, now I’m regularly faced with news of deaths of young people. Babies, little children, an Arts and Ideas professor, all people who were too young to be already dead.

I’ve learned that I easily grieve with mourning families, especially those who lost someone in premature death. Sometimes, I hate feeling so much heavy grief for people I barely know. But, all these has taught me something that was only reinforced when I read Jacqui’s latest blog post – I should live life fully because it’s too short.

Living loudly and wildly is not about drinking and partying every night. Instead, it’s about living the life God has given me to its fullest. It’s about hoping and dreaming. I decided to compile a list of what living loudly and wildly means to me. What does it mean to you?

live loudly and wildly


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