Filtered Water: Yay or Nay?

You should meet Arthur Tweedie, the Water Critic from PUR Water, because he is introducing a new product. PUR Water has released a new product, the PUR Ultimate 11 Cup Pitcher with MAXION technology. As seen in the video, this new product is supposed to reduce 14 contaminants.

I first heard about PUR through its Influenster campaign. I used to drink filtered water only until I came to the US. It still surprises me when I see people drinking water off the taps. There must be a lot of trust placed in the cleanliness of tap water!

When I returned to Shawnee after summer break, the water tasted awful. According to some people, it was because the water in the Shawnee lakes had been contaminated because of the rainy season. I sure was glad that I drink water from the bottle instead of tap water. However, after having to buy cartons of water, I’m thinking it might be easier if I have my own filter pitcher.



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