I’m Back!

birthday present germany jersey

I know I suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere with no warning, and I’m sorry for that.

But life happened.

Since starting college, I am sad to say that I have barely read anything for leisure. It seems incomprehensible for this to happen. After all, how could I go from reading a novel almost everyday to not reading any novels at all?

Well, this is college life for me, I guess. After a day of reading academic textbooks, the last thing I want to do is pick up another book and read, even if that book is a novel.

A couple of weeks ago, my English professor told the class that being English majors will “ruin” how we read a text. Apparently, after finishing our major classes, we will no longer be able to read a text without analyzing every word in it. That’s a pretty scary thought.

Anyway, back to my original motive for writing this post. I am indefinitely not going to post anymore book reviews. I’ll completely understand if some of you decide to un-follow my blog after this.

However, I would encourage you to continue following Audacious Reader. I’ve decided to return to blogging. I’ll be blogging about different things…mostly the things I’ve learned or am learning as a college student.

Let’s just say that this blog will give a peek into the life of an international student in Oklahoma. I would love for you to continue reading and commenting.

Thank you for faithfully supporting Audacious Reader! I would never been able to sustain the blog for this long without y’all. 🙂


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  1. Don’t you look cute?! Welcome back to blogland. The same thing happened to my son during college. No time for extra curricular reading. Life will return to normal once you graduate. Well…maybe 🙂

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