Music Project: Week 1

I have decided to start a new project here at Audacious Reader. It is something completely different and somewhat off-topic because it is not about books. The reason I chose music is because I believe in the strong impact and influence of music.

As an international student, I have good days and bad days. Of course, the good days outnumber the bad days, but nevertheless, the bad days are still there. I listen to music whether I am having a good day or a bad day.

This project is me posting a weekly YouTube video of a song that has stuck with me throughout the week. Sometimes, it might be a random song that I heard somewhere and it got stuck in my head (who has never experienced this before?). Other times, it might be a song that I find really meaningful and relevant in my week.

However, no matter what song it is, I hope you will walk with me through this project which will indirectly depict the challenges and new experiences I am learning.

For the first week, I have chosen Overcomer by Mandisa. I first heard this song over Christmas break and it quickly became one of my favorites. As I start my second half of a first year in university, this song is especially meaningful because it reminds me that no matter what happens, “there’s nothing He can’t do.”


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