Making A Difference

Wikipedia article screenshot

Yesterday, an article about me was published in the Wikimedia Foundation’s blog. I knew that I was to be the subject of a blog post, but I did not know when the post was to be published.

Someone tweeted a link of the article to me yesterday. To be honest, I was squirming with embarrassment. It took awhile before I finally mustered the courage to click the link and read every sentence. I am the type of person who feels extremely uncomfortable when being praised. I read the article, re-tweeted Wikimedia’s tweet about it, and decided to forget all about it because I did not want anymore publicity.

This morning, I woke up to discover that my friends had discovered the article. I could no longer shy away from the limelight (or the sudden influx of Facebook friend requests from people I do not know). The article also made me think about who I am… and this blog post is my response to the article. This is me trying to peel back the layers and reorder my thoughts.

I woke up late this morning… the consequence of being on winter break. I cut and sauteed mushrooms, and made an omelet for myself. Over the breakfast table, I listened to my American brother sing an amusing song about meatballs. Now, I am sitting on my bed trying to psych myself to start working on a work project that is due this Sunday. My hair is greasy (I blame the winter for my lack of hygiene) and I have no makeup.

On a regular college day, I am the nerd student who can either be seen rushing to a class or doing homework. During the weekends, while my friends are hanging out with their friends or at a party, I can be found doing homework in the Geiger Center… often by myself. I set a high bar of achievement for myself and I refuse to settle for anything less than an A.When I am not personifying the ultimate depiction of a boring person, I like socializing with my friends, and my long-suffering friends can attest to the fact that I become an absolute ball of craziness and randomness when I am high on sugar or caffeine (an epic example is the time I forced my friends to dance to “What Does the Fox Say” while we were studying in the library during Finals Week).

Do I feel like an inspiration? Absolutely not. I am the very normal girl who likes adrenaline activities, shopping, flowers, and surprises. I am quiet, and I only have a handful of friends. I make new friends at a rate of 0 mph (back home, my peers are only acquaintances, not real friends, and this was a point that bothered me a lot in my teen years), and I retreat to the background when I am with my gregarious, outgoing friends. Sometimes, bluntness and sarcasm are my favorite tactics. I love music, and I play the guitar and piano. I go to church every Sunday, and I love singing worship songs.

To be honest, I do not know why I am blogging about this. Perhaps, it is because I forgot to pack my journal and left it in my dorm room. I feel the urge to write and as any writer knows, it is never good to ignore the urge to write. Maybe this urge comes from my knowledge that I am just like you. I am not some famous, untouchable celebrity. I just try to make a difference whenever I can, and this is something you can do as well.

My final words to close this blog post (kudos to you if you have read this far) that I myself do not know why I am writing? Be yourself and enjoy life. It is the little things in life you do that makes the difference. You might not be like me who devoted hours to Wikipedia, but the things you do in making a difference will touch the lives of the people around you.


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  1. Well I used to be like you, but after months and years of hard work, sometimes I would like to be reminded that I’m not doing something that did NOT make a difference to the world. It is then with articles like this that kept my faith going, so it is no harm having an article written about you, because you deserve it. That’s why you also deserve this comment and I look forward to being inspired by you even more 🙂 Keep it up!

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