Interview with Ingrid Seymour

Today, I’m glad to have Ingrid Seymour here for an interview. Ingrid is the author of The Guys Are Props Club, a book I had a fun time reading. If you haven’t read my review, what are you waiting for? Click here to read it! There is also a giveaway as part of the blog tour for GAP. The grand prize would be a Kindle Fire with The Guys Are Props Club if the winner is a US/UK/Can resident or an equivalent Amazon gift card if the winner’s international. Click here to enter the giveaway. Without further ado, here is my interview with Ingrid.

Sebastian was my favorite character in The Guys Are Props Club. However, I am curious about his hobby. Why is he a dancer? 

Thank you! I love Sebastian, too. *sigh*

To answer your question, we have to talk a little bit about Latin culture, and more to the point Cubans. Music, particularly salsa, is huge in that Caribbean Island. If you ask most of its residents, they’ll tell you music is in their blood and rhythm in their genes. There, a party is rarely just a simple get-together. A party will have the beat of a good Latin song playing, which inevitably will get the blood flowing, the rhythm of the heart thumping, and the body dancing.

Since Sebastian was born to a Cuban father and an American mother, music and dance are part of his heritage and in his blood, too. His parents moved to Miami when he was two and he considers himself 100% American, but still, his father’s culture had a huge influence in Sebastian. Learning how to dance and doing it well was just inevitable for him!

I didn’t really like Jessica, for obvious reasons, but I just gotta ask… do you think she’ll get a happy ending?

I think so. I think she deserves one. She has made her share of mistakes, but she isn’t entirely oblivious to them. Jessica is struggling to figure out who she is. She’s stuck in the past and has so much growing up to do. She’s only nineteen and her pampered life didn’t prepare her for handling heartache and difficulties the right way. She’s a flawed individual with a lot of learning to do, and I think she’s capable of that.

Who is your favorite character and why?

I will have to admit my favorite character is Sebastian as well. I am a complete sucker for honorable men. He is handsome, self-confident, honest and much more. In my mind, those are the qualities that make up a man worth dreaming about.

How has your experience as a published author of a full-length novel been?

Oh, it’s been a blast. I’ve had so much fun. Writing the book was exhilarating. The story gripped me from the beginning, demanded to be told and I didn’t fight it. I just went with it and enjoyed every second of it. Working with the cover designer and the editor was also fantastic. I loved being involved in every step of the process and watching the project from inception to maturity. Now, more than anything, I’m enjoying hearing from my readers. I’ve met some pretty amazing people along the way. That is the best part!

Can you please tell us a little known fact about yourself?

Umm, well, I love Karaoke and I’m embarrassed to admit it K I’m afraid people think Karaoke is cheesy, but I think it is a blast. You get to sing a song you love, you challenge yourself to get in front of an audience, even knowing you’re going to look like a fool. It is sort of empowering and liberating. There, I said it! I know it will come back to haunt me.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I want to thank you for having me in your blog and sharing my thoughts and my book with your readers. I’d like to encourage everyone out there to reach out to me. I love hearing everyone’s thoughts!


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  1. Great interview questions, great answers! Thank you so much for joining the tour, Evangeline! ❤

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