RIP Cory Monteith

rip cory monteith

Gonna miss this guy so much! 😥

I’m still in shock and a tiny part of me is hoping that this news is a bad joke gone wrong. I’m sitting down here thinking “he’s so young still!” and “why?”. I watched Glee: Season 1 and Cory’s character, Finn Hudson was my favorite character. He was awkward and funny both on and off screen. The romantic in me was a huge fan of the Finchel (Finn and Rachel) and Monchele (Monteith and Michele) relationship. I thought it was cute how Cory and Lea were a couple on and off screen. Also, I loved it when they sang duets because their voices flowed well together…

All I can say now is #RIPCoryMonteith and #prayforLea.


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  1. I was shocked to learn this news ! I loved him in Glee ! Its tragic !

    – Gayatri @ Notorious Writer.

  2. That’s really sad. He was way too young 😦

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