Weekly Ramblings [5]

By the time you read this blog post I will be away for National Service. I return from the training stint on November 29th. I will not have any Internet access during the stint. To be honest, I’m kind of scared to open my Gmail when I return. I can only imagine the hundreds of emails waiting to be read. I usually have to go through 150-200 emails whenever I return after a 3-day vacation, so the number of emails waiting for me when I return from NS is quite an intimidating thought.

Anyway, I have scheduled two posts and will try to have a family member (a.k.a. my mom) post for me any additional review posts I might want to do. This being said, I leave you to enjoy Uphaa’s 14 funny college pranks. It’s hilarious the things young people do in college.

Till December,
Audaciously Evangeline


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  1. Have a good time at least. “See” you when you return.

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