The Inspiration Behind Chocolate Aftertaste by Liz Grace Davis

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Before I tell about the inspiration behind Chocolate Aftertaste, it’s important for you to know that the book is not a traditional romance novel, but rather a romantic women’s fiction.  This is the story of a woman’s journey to finding herself and reviving her almost forgotten dream of becoming a chef. It’s by chance that she also ends up finding love.

Nora lost her mother as a child. Unable to bear seeing her father so unhappy, she started doing everything he wanted, thinking it would help him heal. She had no idea just how much she would be sacrificing in the years to come.
After years of living her life according to her father’s expectations, she finally decides it’s enough. It’s time for her to learn to stand on her own two feet, to pursue her own happiness. When she discovers that her fiancé (the man her father wants her to marry) is a cheat and a liar, she calls off the wedding and escapes to Dreara, a small Irish town, which is known for producing great chocolate. Therefore, the word “chocolate”, in Chocolate Aftertaste, represents Dreara. During Nora’s stay in Dreara, she starts over and makes a lot of choices. The consequences of these choices represent the word “aftertaste”.

In a nutshell, this is what the novel is about, the importance of the choices we make on a daily basis and how they influence our lives. Sometimes we make decisions without even thinking much about them. We choose what to wear, what to eat, when to go to bed. Every morning we choose whether we’ll go to work or stay home. Every day we’re faced with an endless list of choices we have to make. I believe that in order to be in control of our own lives and futures, we should be aware of the choices we make. In Chocolate Aftertaste, Nora decided to free herself from her father’s controlling grip, she decided to distance herself from him so she could heal, she decided to let people in and fall in love. Finally, she chose the man she thought was right for her.

Chocolate Aftertaste is meant to be both inspiring and entertaining. Thank you so much for providing me with this opportunity to tell you about my novel. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

About Chocolate Aftertaste

Nora Darkin decided major changes in her life was in order after her engagement breaks down the night before her wedding when she discovers the man she is supposed to marry isn’t who he said he was. She escapes to the little town of Dreara and quickly makes new friends who encourages her to pursue her dream of being a chef. Among her friends is neighbor Ethan Danes, a man with his own failed romance. As their relationship blossoms, an old love from Ethan’s past returns. Soon, Nora is forced to make life-changing decisions that will shape her future.

About the author

author liz grace davisLiz Grace Davis is a Namibian author. She grew up in Angola, Namibia, South Africa and Germany. She now lives with her husband in Vienna, Austria. Growing up, Liz spent most of her days in school libraries, diving into the world of books. In her spare time she loves to travel, create jewelry and digital scrapbooks. She’s in her element when she is doing anything that requires creativity. Liz is the author of a young adult fantasy novel, Tangi’s Teardrops and a contemporary romance novel, Chocolate Aftertaste. Visit her blog at

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