Weekly Ramblings [4]

As promised, this is a post about my trip to US. I left Malaysia on the 8th. The flight to US did not go as smoothly as expected. I was offloaded from my flight because it was overbooked and had to spend a night in Qatar at the Doha Grand Hotel. The plus side was this neat looking room I had to myself. Since I had the entire day with nothing else to do, I decided to walk to the mall located a 5 minutes walk away. The weather was hot! Desert sun, I guess.

doha grand hotel

Living room


I arrived in US on the 9th. Strange how time differences work! Although I had spend an entire day in Doha, I hadn’t lost much time. The following are some of the pictures I took while in DC. DC is a very nice place. The plus is that you don’t have to pay to enter most of the museums.

national gallery of art

I visited the National Gallery of Art on my second day in DC. This is a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte by Jacques-Louis David.

national gallery of art

Portrait of George Washington and his family by Edward Savage.

national gallery of art

Mediterranean food with chocolate cheesecake. The food cost is based on its weight (per ounce).

U.S. capitol

Visited the Capitol. Shot taken while walking down the lane to the building. Something I noticed while in DC is that to enter certain buildings like this one, one has to go through the metal detector and no food and drinks are allowed (they are very strict on the latter). Same with the National Air and Space Museum.

U.S. capitol

U.S. Capitol Rotunda

U.S. capitol

U.S. Capitol at night

library of congress

We had our opening Google Reception at the Library of Congress. The LOC’s architecture is absolutely stunning.


One of the volunteers brought us on a walking tour through Georgetown. This is the Old Stone House built in 1766.


Ice-cream shop! Just look at the wide range of ice-cream flavors available. Pictures along the wall in the shop proudly proclaimed the fact that President Obama visited the shop. I ordered the smallest ice-cream and received 5 scoops of it. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it.

buffalo billiards

Wikipedia hit four million articles while we were at the conference. This is one of the four cakes we had at the attendee party in Buffalo Billiards.

buffalo billiards

The attendee party was held at Buffalo Billiards. The games available were pretty cool.

buffalo billiards

Notice at Buffalo Billiards

lincoln memorial

Lincoln Memorial

lincoln memorial

Lincoln Memorial

washington monument

The Washington Monument and reflecting pool. Picture taken from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

world war ii memorial

Behind me is the World War II Memorial.

washington monument

The Washington Monument

white house

White House

national air and space museum

The Apollo 11 capsule that landed on the moon. Exhibited in the National Air and Space Museum.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip! It’s been ages since I visited D.C. so it was nice to see so many of the wonderful things to visit there. Hope you had a great time!


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