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Time flies by way too fast! Today is the last day of BEA. For today, the theme of the day is asking blogging advice from the visitors to Audacious Reader. I’m also going to add in a couple of tips I’ve learned  in my 20 months of book blogging. I hope you have been enjoying Armchair BEA as much as I have. I’m looking forward to next year’s Armchair BEA. If you have a post with this theme, leave a link in the comments and I will visit. To read the posts of other participants, click here.

I frequently receive review requests and most times, have to decline them. I usually decline them because their synopses do not catch my attention and as much as I would love to read everything that passes my way, I must choose carefully due to time constraints. So tell me, what makes you accept or decline review requests?

I use Google Reader to read the posts of blogs I follow. I always have more than 100 posts in my feed. Most of the blogs I follow are book blogs that either review Christian books or Young Adult books. I choose to follow blogs based on their content. Of course, I don’t read every post that appears in my feed; I don’t have the time! More often than not, I find myself reading posts that are not book reviews, author interviews, or giveaways. Strange as it might sound, I enjoy posts that contain advice or thoughts on book-related issues. So, this is me. How about you? What posts do you prefer to read? What convinces you to follow a blog?

Often, I read about book bloggers asking others how they manage book blogging while juggling real life. Something that I’ve tried and found helpful is scheduling of posts. Sometimes, I type my review posts weeks before the date I’m scheduled to post them. In your blogging platform, there should be a function where you can pre-schedule posts. I’m using WordPress, and the function for pre-scheduling posts is located at the top-right corner of my Edit Post window. I find scheduling posts extremely helpful because I don’t have to worry about last-minute posts. Scheduling review posts might not be so easy if you do not read the book immediately after receiving it. Scheduling guest posts are even easier. Just type whatever introduction you want and copy+paste them after you’ve received them from the author (you should arrange in such a way that you receive them at least 1 week in advance).

Something else I’ve found helpful is maintaining a blogging planner. For me, I use a diary. For others, using Google Calendar or cellphone calendars might help. Using a planner helps me to remember that I have a post that has to go live on a certain date. Frequently, I have scheduled dates for my review posts, especially the ones on tour. When I use a planner, I eliminate the risk of forgetting to post on the date. I’ve picked up from posts of other bloggers that publishers and publicists don’t favor late posts. This makes sense and the last thing a blogger should do is forget to post on the assigned date.

This is it for me, my last post for Armchair BEA. If you have any blogging advice, do share. Happy book blogging!

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  1. I get a lot of review requests for genres I do not like such as police procedurals so I frequently have to decline the book. It is not fair to the author for me to write a negative review of their book when I am never going to like it. Sometimes the publishers just send the books anyway. Last year I received 3 westerns and felt obligated to review them. I read the first one but have yet to read the others.

  2. I accept review requests based on whether I think the book will interest me or not. Anymore that means it really has to interest me as I am starting to cut back a little. I hate it because I want to give everyone a chance, but I need to consider my time as well.

    As far as reading blogs. I like subscribing in email and I’m way behind, but when I read, I scan through the email, if it seems like something that interests me (a book, interview, whatever) I read it, if it doesn’t I delete. The next day the same blog may interest me. Like you I do find myself intrigued by “the other” posts. I have especially enjoyed today’s advice posts and I love ones that talk about organization because I live for organization even if I’m not good at implementing.

    Thanks for your great post. I have one question up on my blog for today here.

  3. A calendar on my phone is definitely very helpful for me too! Great tips.

  4. For a planner I actually save posts to draft for the dates. I find this works the best for me…

  5. I love Google reader! Unfortunately I follow way too many blogs, and I need to clean them up. But it’s a great reader to have all of your blogs in one place!

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