Weekly Ramblings [3]

I have good news and bad news this week. A few days ago, I discovered that Ingenyes (a.k.a. OpenStore) deleted all free accounts recently. Weirdly, I did not receive any email notifying me that my account was to be terminated although support staff claimed they sent the emails. This “mess” means that I cannot retrieve my entire blog. I’m partially relieved that I downloaded an xml file containing my blog, but the problem I’m having now is that I don’t have anywhere to upload it. I’m trying 000webhost but their 1-Click Website Restore application isn’t really working. -sighs-

Anyway, on to the good news. I went for my US visa interview on Thursday and my visa application was approved. This means that I’ll be in the US in July. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to it. My flight tickets and accommodation has already been booked. I’m counting the days! Have you ever gone on a trip to a country halfway across the world?

Hippies, Beauty, and Books Oh My!’s BEA Live Streaming Events! Watch All of the Action Here!: For all those who are not attending this event, this is fantastic news. Due to the time differences, I’ll probably not be able to catch the sessions, but I’ll definitely be reading the reports from those of you who can. This is something new for BEA and I hope they’ll have recordings of sessions in future.

Inspiring Daring’s When He wrote I Love You on my day: Check out this article by Rachelle. I saw it in my Google Reader, read it, and liked it.

Hippies, Beauty, and Books Oh My!’s What to do When Your Grandmother Asks About 50 Shades of Grey: Awkward conversations? Everyone has had them. As a matter of fact, I had one last week… awkward conversations are always, always cringe-worthy. I’ve not read 50 Shades of Grey and certainly don’t intend to after reading this post!

Backseat Writer’s A Memorial Day Tribute to My Grandfather: Among all the Memorial Day posts, this one caught my attention. I think that although Amy’s grandfather did not serve in the army during World War II, he served in an equally important role.

The Compulsive Reader’s Why Read Moby Dick? Who Knows…: I’ve heard of Moby Dick, but it came to my attention a few days back while I was reading the history of American novels. To answer the question, I have absolutely no idea why Moby Dick has been found an important piece of literature so much so that it is required reading in certain circles just as I have absolutely no idea why Our Town by Thornton Wilder is critically acclaimed (I have read it and remain unimpressed). Literary geniuses are just befuddling, I guess.

Reading Teen’s The BEA Blogger Pledge: If I am Andye, I definitely would not be able to keep those promises!


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  1. How exciting for you! Where are you visiting at in the US?

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