30 Days of Daemon Tour: Favorite Daemon Quotes/Moments

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Daemon. Where should I start?

Daemon is one of the two main characters in Obsidian and its sequel, Onyx, by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Love him or hate him, he is there. And actually, although he is the jerk everyone would love to hate, it is impossible to hate or dislike him. Good looks and (somewhat) bi-polar personality aside, he is one of the nicest male character I’ve ever read about. These quotes/moments are from both books, mostly Obsidian.

  • When you’re first introduced to him, you’ll want to dislike him.

“You look like you’re twelve. No. Maybe thirteen, but my sister has this doll that kinda reminds me of you. All big-eyed and vacant.”

  • Daemon isn’t your typical alien.

And when he spoke, it wasn’t loud. It was in my head. This is what we look like. We are beings of light. Even in human form, we can bend light to our will. There was a pause. As you can see, I don’t look like a giant insect. Or…sparkle. Even in my head I could hear the disgust on that one… Or a lumpy little creature, which I find offensive, by the way.

  • Daemon has his softer side. For some reason, his actions and words here hit me as him showing his vulnerable side.

His eyes opened, meeting mine for a second before closing. “You do dislike me, don’t you?”
I hesitated. “I don’t dislike you, Daemon. You’re hard to…like. It’s hard to figure you out.”

And suddenly, I felt like I was intruding, witnessing this moment. For it to be me, of all people, to see beneath the layers of attitude didn’t seem right. It should’ve been someone he cared about, someone important to him.
“I…I miss the idiot,” he said raggedly.

  • I loved the pen-poke scenes. So much tension and humor.

Daemon took the seat behind me, and my stomach jumped clear into my throat. I was going to vomit. Right here, in class, in front —
He poked me in the back with his pen.
I froze. Him and that ******* pen. The poke came again, this time with a little force behind it. I swung around, eyes narrowed. “What?”
Daemon smiled.

Ten seconds passed between when Daemon Black took his seat and when he poked me under my shoulder blade with his trusty pen. Ten whole seconds.

  • Daemon has the exact same question many people ask book bloggers.

“What’s your blog name?”
“None of your business,” I said smiling sweetly.
“Interesting name.” He returned my smile with a half grin. “So what do you blog about? Knitting? Puzzles? Being lonely?”
“Ha. Ha, smart***.” I sighed. “I review books.”
“Do you get paid for them?”
I laughed out loud at that. “No. Not at all.”
Daemon seemed confused by that. “So you review books and you don’t get paid if someone buys a book based on your review?”

  • It’s difficult imagining someone at Daemon’s age still talking about bonus points. Somehow, it makes him sound… sweeter.

A muscle popped in his jaw as his gaze drifted over my upturned face. “Honestly?”
“Will it get me bonus points?” he asked softly.

  • His comebacks are always ridiculously amusing.

“I can’t believe you ate all the ice cream, Daemon!”
I cringed and stopped inside the dining room. There was no way I was going into that kitchen.
“I didn’t eat all of it.”
“Oh, so it ate itself?” Dee shrieked so loudly I thought I heard the rafters in the ceiling shake. “Did the spoon ate it? Oh wait, I know. The carton ate it.”
“Actually, I think the freezer ate it,” Daemon responded dryly.

  • Daemon loves his sister, Dee, very much. You can definitely picture him as the protective older brother.

“You don’t understand,” Daemon replied. “Right now, you can lead an Arum right to my sister. And I have to protect her. She’s all I have left. And I have to protect the others here. I’m the strongest. This is what I do. And while you’re carrying the trace on you, I don’t want you going anywhere with Dee if I’m not with you.”

  • A last quote from Obsidian. Daemon, the challenge-lover. Who can forget this one?

A smile parted his lips. “You do realize I love a challenge?”
I laughed under my breath and turned back to the front door, giving him a one-fingered salute. “So do I, Daemon. So do I.”

  • Daemon, the charmer, thoughtful and kind. In Obsidian, he was pretty obnoxious many times, but Onyx gave us many glimpses into his sweet character.

The first thing I noticed was the large box beside him, and then the scent of roasted turkey and yams.
“Hey,” he said, holding a stack of covered plates. “Happy Thanksgiving.”
I blinked slowly. “Happy Thanksgiving.”
“You going to invite me in?” He held up the plates, wiggling them. “I come bearing gifts in the form of food.”
I stepped aside.
Still grinning, he came in and waved his free hand. The box lifted off the porch and trailed behind him like a dog. It landed just inside the foyer. As I shut the door, I caught sight of Ash and Andrew climbing into their car. Neither of them looked over.
A lump formed in my throat as I turned to Daemon.
“I brought a little of everything.” He headed toward the kitchen. “There’s turkey, yams, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green-bean casserole, some kind of apple crisp thing and pumpkin—Kitten? Are you coming?”
Peeling myself away from the front door, I went into the kitchen. He was setting up the table, uncovering the dishes. I…I didn’t know what to think.
Daemon raised his hands and two depression glass candleholders Mom never used floated to the table. Candles came next, and with a wave of his hand, their wicks sparked tiny flames.
The lump grew, nearly choking me.
Dinnerware and glasses came from several opened drawers. Mom’s wine flew out of the fridge, pouring into two crystal flutes while Daemon stood in the middle of everything.

  • Daemon trying to win over a girl? More of Daemon, the gift-giver. Definitely gets bonus points for him.

I started to smile, but a warm tingle skated across the nape of my neck. The conversation around me faded and a few seconds later, Daemon dropped into the seat to my left. A plastic cup full of strawberry smoothie—my favorite—was set in front of me. I was more than a little shocked to be receiving any present from Daemon, much less one of my favorite treats.

  • For all his charm, Daemon wouldn’t be Daemon without this reaction.

Daemon frowned. “How do you figure?”
“Look at the time.” I tipped my chin toward the clock. “It’s past midnight. It’s January second. You lost.”
For several moments he stared at the clock like it was an Arum he was about to blast into the next county, and then his eyes found mine. Daemon smiled. “No. I didn’t lose. I still won.”


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  1. I LOVE the book blog conversation! 🙂

  2. Loved the last one. Daemon’s sweet side 🙂

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