Weekly Ramblings [2]

Posting this a couple of days late has made me want to restart using a blogging planner. Last year, I had this planner where I would jot down all my scheduled posts. Worked every time. I know some bloggers use Google Calendar as their post reminders. So, my question of the week (yup, I’ve decided to include one question in each of my weekly ramblings post). What do you usually use as reminders (cellphone calendar, planner, etc.)?

Book Expo America is coming soon! This year’s BEA takes place on June 5-7. Time flies by way too fast. It just seems like a few months back when the last one took place. If there is an expo I would love to go to, it would be BEA. I mean, just think about being surrounded by books, authors, and book lovers! Also, I’ve read quite a bit about the BEA Bloggers Conference and it sounds like such a fun conference. Attending BEA is probably the dream of every book blogger… but for right now, I’ll settle for reading the reports.

Heroes and Heartbreakers’ Are You There God? The Mysterious Disappearance of Religion in YA Fiction: This post rang true. If there’s one thing that sticks out in mainstream YA fiction, it is the fact that most do not contain religious themes. Sure, the characters use the word “God”, but most times it is spoken as a passing remark. Not only does the word “God” not exist in most books, the absence of any other religion is noticeable. Perhaps this reflects the current apathy toward religion?

The Compulsive Reader’s The Epic Awesome-ness of Lizzie Bennet: This is for fans of Pride and Prejudice and its main character, Lizzie (a.k.a. Elizabeth). I watched the video and was impressed at the modern take of P & P. P & P has long been one of my favorite classic novels and this online adaption is something different from the modern re-tellings and altogether amusing. Head over here to check out the rest of the episodes. I can help the grin that comes when “Bing Lee” (emphasis on the Bing) is spoken. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries has won over a new fan!

The Compulsive Reader’s Classics Corner: Ten Things I Like About The Great Gatsby: Okay, so we’re talking about the book and not the movie. I remember reading The Great Gatsby for school and if there was one word I could use to describe it, it would be “intriguing”. I’m a huge fan of happy endings and while The Great Gatsby isn’t the usual, happy-go-lucky story with the happily ever after ending, it was real. It reflected life and the breakdown of family relationships during the Roaring Twenties.

Parchment Girl’s 2012 Classic Book to Movie Adaptions: This wasn’t posted last week or this week, but anyway! I’ve not read Anna Karenin and would like to someday. (I think that Leo Tolstoy is a talented writer.) I have no doubt that Keira Knightly will be able to play her role well. I absolutely agree with Kate that Aaron Johnson isn’t the right choice for the role of Count Vronsky. I don’t know… it will just seem kind of desperate on the part of Anna if she falls for a guy with such a… look. To put it bluntly, I can’t see the appeal in Count Vronsky if he is played by Johnson.


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