Explanation, Yada, Yada, Yada

I know this whole return to WordPress is surprising. Truth to tell, I hadn’t planned or expected it myself. I should probably start from the beginning.

Last month, I discovered that the bandwidth I was being offered had been drastically reduced by my web host. I knew that Ingenyes had undergone some changes a few months back, but I hadn’t expected this change and I wasn’t notified about this change. Since it was nearing the end of the month, I decided that this wasn’t something “big” and waited out the month.

To my horror, my available bandwidth for this month expired less than five days into the month. You can guess how little bandwidth I’m being given. Since I’m not willing to pay for extra bandwidth (and I don’t trust this company anymore), I decided to revert back to good ‘ole WordPress.

Maybe, something in the distant future, I’ll go back to self-hosting, but for this year, I’ll remain here. I like having my self-hosted blog. There are way too many benefits for me to resist it, so I’ll probably go back to self-hosting. Nevertheless, at this point of time, I’m just keeping things simple here.

I’ll be importing my entire blog to here once I’m able to access Audaciousreader.com next month. For now, I’ll just be posting my review posts and a few temporary pages. My evangeline@audaciousreader.com email still works, so if you’re sending emails to that address, I’ll still be receiving it. I’ll probably be keeping that email address as I intend to hold on to the domain name.

This is all for now… watch out for new posts!

P.S. Like the new color scheme? I like playing around with colors on my blogs 😀


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