Review: Wish Me Luck Series 3 DVD

I inserted this DVD into my player and turned it on. I did not know what to expect. All I knew was that Wish Me Luck, Series 3is about women in World War II. It sounded like a safe movie to watch. I was mistaken.

The story opens with Adele (Jane Snowden), a British resistance worker, nearly being arrested by the Nazis after she was caught with a radio set at the highway checkpoint on the way to Le Crest, France. Adele and her British colleagues are in Le Crest to aid the Maquis du Vercors, a French resistance group. The work they have to do is difficult and their lives are often at stake against the Nazis who have no qualms when it comes to killing innocent citizens.

D-Day is drawing closer and the Special Operations Executive branch in England has requested that the Maquis stage an uprising to divert Nazi resources from Normandy. But things don’t go as planned. There is an informer in the resistance group and someone makes a deadly mistake that will have grave consequences on everyone.

Wish Me Luck, Series 3 is based on actual events that happened during World War II. This made the story all the more real and heartbreaking. There are eight episodes, and in every episode, heavy usage of pathos was evident. The finale was depressing to say the least. If you are a fan of happy endings, stay away from this series.

This series is a British television drama. There are three series altogether, which aired from 1988 to 1990. Unlike many television series nowadays, the producers of this series were not afraid of sad endings. Being brought up in a television culture of happy endings, this series was an unusual one for me. It was unusual in a good way because it reinforced the belief of reality. Happy endings don’t always happen in real life.

Acorn Media released this series in DVD in July. The sound and image quality are excellent and clear. I particularly liked the availability of subtitles. Since I have difficulty understanding Western accents, they came in handy. The advertisements for other British television series made available by Acorn Media that came on each time I played the DVD were a bother, I managed to skip them to enter the main menu of the DVD after a couple of tries.

While I did not like the ending, I had to accept that things weren’t all happy and good during World War II. The Nazis were cruel and heartless. And that was real life. If you are a fan of World War II movies, this series will definitely pique your interest. It is heartwarming in a strange way because it showed that there were unnamed, fearless heroes during World War II who were willing to stand up against evil.

There was mystery, adventure, intrigue and the little dose of humor and romance. What more can you ask for? Give Wish Me Luck, Series 3 a watch, but first, be prepared with a box of tissues.


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