Are You a Bibliophile? by Karen Wojcik Berner & Giveaway

karen berner authorKaren Wojcik Berner lives a provincial life tucked away with her family in
the Chicago suburbs. If it was good enough for Jane Austen, right?
However, dear Miss Austen had the good fortune of being born amid the
glorious English countryside, something Karen unabashedly covets, so much
so that she majored in English and communications at Dominican University. Like the magnificent Miss Austen, Karen could not help but write about the society that surrounds her.

Thank you so much, Evangeline, for inviting me to guest blog today. I am very excited to be here.

My series, The Bibliophiles, is about the members of an American suburban classics book club. Each novel spotlights one or two Bibliophiles and tells the story of their lives up until joining.

For example, A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One) is about Sarah, an overwhelmed, stay-at-home mom, and Annie, a P.R. executive dealing with fertility issues. My next book, due out in spring 2012, follows Bibliophile Catherine Elbert as she bounces from coast to coast in search of her true self.

They might be completely different people, but all of the characters share a love of reading and discussing the classics.

Do you have what it takes to join Edwina Hipplewhite and her Bibliophiles for their monthly meetings?

Take this quick quiz and find out.

  • Whenever you walk into a bookstore you…
    1. head straight for the fiction stacks?
    2. get sidetracked by the magazines?
    3. I don’t go to bookstores.
  • On your bookshelves, whether they are physical or on your e-reader device, are there…
    1. so many books, you can’t help yourself?
    2. games?
    3. Bookshelves? I thought those things in my house were for family photos.
  • When relaxing on the beach, your favorite thing to do is…
    1. READ!
    2. play beach volleyball and spike it at my sibling’s face?
    3. drink beverages with tiny, colorful umbrellas in them while napping intermittently?
  • Do you carry a book or e-reader with you wherever you go?
    1. Of course! One never knows when there might be time to read a few pages.
    2. Only if I can remember it.
    3. Oh, heck no.
  • When you ponder a world without books, which answer is closest to your reaction?
    1. What? A world without books? It is unfathomable.
    2. Wait, what will all the movies be based on now?
    3. Who cares? There is still television.


If you answered mostly As, welcome, kindred spirit. The Bibliophiles would greet you with open arms.

If you answered a mixture of As and Bs, you have potential. Just stay away from the readers at the beach.

If you answered all Cs, I guess it doesn’t matter, because you are probably not even reading this blog.

If you are interested in starting your own classics book club and tackling the literature the Bibliophiles will discuss throughout the series, I have some tips on my website,, on the “Read Along with The Bibliophiles” page.

First up is James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, followed by As You Like It, by William Shakespeare, both of which appear in A Whisper to a Scream (The Bibliophiles: Book One). There are even food and beverage suggestions, because that is definitely part of the fun.

Good luck!

a whisper to a scream book coverAbout A Whisper to a Scream:

Annie Jacobs has dreamed of the day she would become a mother since the first time she held her Baby Tenderlove doll. Unfortunately, biology has not cooperated with her plan, and she finds herself dealing with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility instead of picking out baby names.

Across town, stay-at-home mom Sarah Anderson is just trying to make it through the grocery store without her toddler hurling a box of rice at a fellow shopper. She is exhausted from managing the house, a first grader and a toddler, all without any help from her work-obsessed, absentee husband.

A Whisper to a Scream is the story of two women on opposite ends of the child-bearing spectrum who come to realize the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence. A vivid portrayal of contemporary marriage and its problems, the novel speaks to a longing in all of us, a yearning that might start as a vague notion, but eventually grows into an unbearable, vociferous cry.

And now for the giveaway! This giveaway is international. Residents of US/Canada will receive a print copy of A Whisper to a Scream, while residents of all other countries will receive the eBook. This giveaway ends on January 19th.

Click here to enter the giveaway

As you will notice, the Rafflecopter form is different from previous forms. This form is the new and latest version. To enter, you can either fill in your name and email address, or log in using Facebook. The advantage of logging in using Facebook is that you can edit your entries if you make a mistake, and you don’t have to enter your Facebook name when you enter the Facebook like entry. If you choose the name and email address function, you don’t have to use your real or full name. A pseudonym will work just as well. The biggest change this new Rafflecopter widget offers is that it helps to “remember” you so that you will not log in duplicate entries. Of course, this only works until you delete your browser cookies.


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  1. I would love to win the book call “A Whisper to a Scream” Thank

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