Mailbox Month: September 2011

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Along Wooded Paths
by Tricia Goyer
{Goodreads | Amazon}
The Wounded Heart by Adina Senft {Goodreads | Amazon}
Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber by Dane Batty {Goodreads | Amazon}
The Diary of a Seventh Grade Hybrid by Lee J. Mavin {Goodreads | Amazon}
Be the People by Carol M. Swain {Goodreads | Amazon}
This Bird Flew Away by Lynda M. Martin {Goodreads | Amazon}
The One Percenters by John Podgursky {Goodreads | Amazon}


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  1. Looks like you got some great books…happy reading.

  2. I’ve heard Tricia Goyer is good, but I haven’t read any of her books yet. I look forward to your thoughts.

  3. Congrats on winning the Kindle! I’ll be curious to know what you think about Tricia Goyer’s book. I’ve read 2 books (1 fiction, 1 nonfiction) that she co-authored, but nothing she wrote by herself. Enjoy!

  4. Another week and more amazing books! Have fun reading all of your new editions! 🙂

    Come visit my IMM!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

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