Reading for a good cause

I have always, always loved reading.

Books can be pretty expensive, so I am always on the lookout for cheap, good books or books I can get for free by doing a review.

On a whim, I decided to head over to, the website of one of the more well known publishers, to check if they had any books on offer for reviews.

Clicking around, I landed on a charity page supported by this publishing company. What caught my surprise was their deal.

For those of you who are familiar with online charities, this might be understandable. For those who aren’t, here’s the explanation.

Some charities offer a 1-for-1 deal. For example, for every trivia question you answer correctly, one bowl of food would be donated. And here comes the surprising part, you don’t pay anything. Confusing? Well, yes.

But won’t it cost to donate food? Of course it does! Only thing is that a sponsoring company pays for it. They match your answer for a bowl of food.

So back to Penguin’s charity. It works in a similar way, except that it deals with books.

There are a few charity campaigns that are run simultaneously in the site. The campaigns have to do with providing books for children.

You choose a campaign and will be led to the pick-a-book page. Most of the books are in the children genre. After picking a book, you will have to read it.

The thing I like about this is that the books aren’t very long and many of them are colorfully illustrated. Not only that, they are written in a way children can understand easily.

After you finish reading the book – it takes less than five minutes – you will have to click ‘Finish Reading’. This will mean that you have completed a book and the sponsor will match what you read and donate a book to the campaign you chose.

Simple? It’s even simpler than it sounds!

As a book lover, I’m glad there is a way for book lovers to contribute and help the underprivileged get a chance to read a book.

So, that being said, it is your turn to spread the joy of reading. You can make a difference. Spare 10 minutes just to give a child a chance to read.

Head over to now. See you there!


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